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What equipment do I need to ride?

A riding hat up to current bsi standards currently bs en1384. A whip. Ideally this would be a long, schooling whip. Boots or shoes with a flat sole and low, but definite heel.

Do I need to book in each time?

Places are automatically held for weekly riders. Places are not held for those who turn up less often.

Additionally, weekly riders are more likely to get their first choice of pony than less regular riders.

How long does it take to learn to ride?

You should be cantering within three months, but to be a good rider takes several years, and most professional riders still take lessons from other people.

Is riding dangerous?

Riding is a "risk" sport and we therefore take great care to avoid accidents. We are inspected annually by the local authority and follow their guidelines on safety. Nevertheless, clients should realise that it is normal to fall off and in the great majority of cases no one gets hurt.

Frequently Asked Questions